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Taxi Transfer to get to know the town of Canyamel

Mallorca is one of the best tourist destinations in Spain. If you visit the island it is advisable to take a tour and take a taxi to the town Canyamel, one of the most luxurious places in Mallorca to spend your holidays.

Canyamel is a small and quiet tourist complex located in one of the most eastern points of Mallorca in the municipality of Capdepera.

History and Culture of Canyamel

Sugar cane used to be grown in this part of Mallorca during the 18th century, and that is where the name Canyamel comes from, which means sugar cane and honey in ancient Latin. To this day, residents of British nationality still call it “Caramel” or “Caramel.”

To get to know the area it is ideal to take a taxi route through Canyamel and discover its beach. The beach has an influx of fresh water thanks to the “Torrente de Canyamel”, which extends 8 kilometers from the nearby ancient town of Artà.

Like many other towns on the coast of Mallorca, Canyamel has in its history defense against pirate attacks.

Currently, Canyamel enjoys a constant flow of international tourists. Canyamel is a destination focused on tourism, it is not very developed by Mallorcan standards and offers good hotels and excellent sports facilities. It is a great choice for a relaxing, family or sports holiday, and enjoy exceptional natural beauty.


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