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Taxi Transfer to get to know Puerto de Soller (Port de Sóller)

If you visit Mallorca you will need a taxi to Puerto de Soller, known for its historic tram, it is a mandatory stop.

Port de Sóller is a small, picturesque coastal town located in the northwest of Mallorca. Its port is located in a large bay and the beautiful landscape that surrounds it.

It was once a fishing port, which makes it a fantastic place to taste fish and seafood. In addition, its very well-equipped marina is the perfect starting point for excursions by yacht or sailboat to nearby coves such as Sa Calobra, famous for being one of the settings chosen to film the film “Cloud Atlas.” .

History and Culture of Port de Sóller

This small coastal town is quite remote, so one of the best options is to take a taxi to see Puerto de Soller. Its location has played a fundamental role in its historical development. Separated from the rest of Mallorca by the Serra de Tramuntana, older generations had to use boats to make barter trade possible. Thus, it is not surprising that Port de Sóller is so closely linked to navigation and the Mediterranean Sea.

The historic train that connects Palma with Sóller came into operation in 1912. Almost ninety years later the tunnel through which cars circulate was completed. Prior to the completion of the works, drivers were forced to cross the Coll de Sóller. It is a quite complicated road, both for cyclists and for the vehicles that travel on it, since which has numerous very tight curves. In addition, since 2018 tunnel users no longer have to pay tolls.

If they had lived to see the modernization and construction of the Sóller tunnel, the residents of the area would be completely amazed at the amount of land traffic that reaches the area today. If it had been built earlier, Sóller would not have its rich maritime history, it would not have been a point of reference in the export and import of products, particularly citrus fruits, and it would not have the history derived from its pirate invasion

Es Firó Festival in Mallorca

TheTurkish and Algerian pirate fleets landed on the Sóller beach in 1561. Armed only with wooden swords and small catapults, the inhabitants of The city and the port bravely defended their homes from the attack, defeating the pirates and scoring a memorable victory in Majorcan history. Every year this battle is commemorated in the traditional festival of Es Firó, in which the victory over the enemy troops is commemorated.

Thanks to its location and the fact that it was used as a base to train Spanish military troops, Port de Sóller was protected from excessive tourist development, a situation that helped preserve its charm and beauty.

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